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Todd Washburn

Composer / producer Todd Washburn scores soundtracks for international music licensing companies, notably SCOREKEEPERS MUSIC, a Los Angeles area music publisher, who supplies scores for networks such as CBS (The Amazing Race), NBC, MSNBC, ABC, LIFETIME, THE LEARNING CHANNEL, A&E, ANIMAL PLANET, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, and THE TRAVEL CHANNEL. Some of his tracks have recently been licensed by HBO, VIACOM, DISCOVERY ID, STYLE NETWORK, LIVE CLASSICAL CONCERTS, THE HISTORY CHANNEL, SWIMSUIT SECRETS REVEALED, EVENING WITH THE STARS, SIRIUS XM AND PANDORA RADIO. Todd's tracks are placed in programs that repeat many times throughout the world (as many as 130 countries). He is also the man behind the music for some of the top fitness companies' guided workout series, including Cardio Coach, Fit Is It, and "Get Ripped" by Jari Love.

Award-winning composer

Todd composed and conducted the live performance of his first symphonic composition at age 16, which won him the Sousa National Award for Music the following year. He went on to study at Appalachian State University in North Carolina, where he became proficient on eleven different instruments as a music theory/composition major and achieved honorary recognition as an applied student of composition and performance. Todd secured his first recording contract right out of college, which led to regional airplay in the Southeastern U.S., as well as countless tour dates as a support act for national artists throughout the 1980s. Album projects followed, teaming him with a diverse selection of major label producers in studios throughout the New York and Boston area. He established his own music production and mastering studio in 1991 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, which has grown into a full-production and mastering facility, now located in Norfolk, VA. He was honored with the "Best Music" Award from the New York City Dance Alliance. His indie label, Lure Records, has been nominated for "label of the year" by the Roots Music Association of America.
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